Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting this page, as well as sending me your critical flames.

I am writing to let you know that I am off blogging for a while (at least a few months or possibly much longer). I have a serious family issue come up and it needs my time and attention.

Ali Karim Bey
I would like to see Dr. Rice as a Vice President. Would not it be great if Cheney did not run again to spend time with his family and work on his health? I believe if Dr. Rice was considered as a VP, there will be a lot of heart burn in DC, among the Ultra Left, and in the Democratic Party. Why? They cannot stand GOP succeed in having a woman (let alone an intelligent and independent-thinking African-American) as their #2.

Ali Karim Bey

Saturday, April 12, 2003

I laughed and laughed today. Let us play the game: Where is the Iraqi Information Minister? (Link via CNN.)

The Iraqi information minister has one gotten one thing right. UN is bad; indeed, UN is a failed experiment which ought not to continue, at least not in the US. Therefore, perhaps, UN HQ should move to Paris or Berlin. (I personally prefer Paris.) I think such a move will not only please the Ultra Left in US and UK, but also Osamas and Saddams (of today and tomorrow).

Ali Karim Bey

Thursday, April 10, 2003

My favorite comedian is Dennis Miller. Perhaps, the cable shows will interview him one of these days.

Ali Karim Bey
A fantastic April 9 photo that will never be published in The New York Times or ever to be discussed by Hollywood people. (Link via Fox News and A Small Victory.)

Ali Karim Bey

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I want to feel more like a resident of Baghdad than a resident of San Francisco. Free at last. Thank god almighty. We are free at last. (Link via Prof. Instapundit.)

There is an irony here as well. Everyone is reminded of Paris in 1940s. However on April 9, 2003, there are no French men and women in Baghdad - Paris was against this Iraqi celebration. Bush was for this celebration. Who are the good guys and gals? Americans or French? You decide.

Ali Karim Bey

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I think these free Iraqi children will not be Osamas or Saddams but free citizens of Iraq and be forever grateful to US and UK. As each day goes by I am glad that I was wrong about not going to war with Iraq. I think I now understand why non-democratic heads of mid-east states such as Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are against war. They are afraid that democracy will one day come knocking on their palaces, too. I feel sorry for the Democratic Party. No one there - not a single one of the holier-than-thou crowd - actually thought democracy in Arab states was a good thing. May be Dr. Rice is a good thing for Mr. Bush.

Ali Karim Bey

Saturday, April 05, 2003

I am wondering about all the fuss by John F. Kerry on his regime change comment. This is sheer desparation about Howard Dean getting too close to him in fund raising and anti-war support by the New York Times, Hollywood, and elite (or is it psuedo-intellectual?) academic faculty and students. JFK's continued use of Max Cleland re-election failures to his advantage is, in fact, the real shame. JFK needs help from cheerleaders of the Democratic Party and thus his apparent frustation.

Ali Karim Bey

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Lately people have been sharing in email that I am acting like a "conservative". I am offended. I think "liberals" think "conservatives" are backward people. Well, I have already stated my views. I am not interested in leaning left or right, but moving forward as fast as possible. I think these labels (liberals and conservatives) are offensive. Is it possible for me to say that I am being discriminated against because of such labels? That is, I feel that I am forced into a hostile environment where my forward-thinking independent views are considered to be "backward" (sic).

Ali Karim Bey
I want to thank people, including Martin and Lance over at Patiopundit, for suggesting ways to improve my very low-tech and still very much pre-2000 web commentary (blog).

A reader in email wanted to know my views. Well, let's see in no particular order, here are some things I believe:

-The four most powerful words written in English (or any language for that matter) are: "the pursuit of happiness". I became an American even before I came to America. I simply read these four words and understood the American way of life. To be an American in my humble opinion is to make these four words an integral part of your life. Therefore, rather than exporting idiotic Hollywood movies, how about sharing these four words to citizens of every non-democratic country in the world.

-I am not interested in turning right or left; I want to go forward - and fast.

-If an alien from another planet took over the planet Earth and took everything from me but gave me one wish. Then my wish would be "Can I continue to stay in America?". The alien can take everything - one can always find alternatives. But, there is nothing alternative to the U.S.A.

-I only buy materials (such as clothes) that are made in democratic societies. For instance, I do not buy products that are "Made in China." I am sorry I am unwilling to visit or be a patron of any non-democratic country. (PS: I have started to avoid products that are "Made in France." Call it personal reasons, if you must. I am still not sure if the war is justified or not, due to unintended moral consequences. But, I still have problems with the French. The only thing I like about France is Tour de France. But, thank goodness the winner is (and will continue to be) the greatest athlete in the world - A Texan by the name of Lance Armstrong.)

-The US congressional hearings are the ultimate display of American democracy. I cannot imagine any country having a similar format. Only in America can a non-citizen or even a non-immigrant address an elected body. I watch C-SPAN and when there is a hearing I just watch and watch and watch.

Well, I hope this gives some readers an idea of what I believe in. I must apologize if this offends anyone.

Ali Karim Bey